Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Corsi gets Canned in Kenya

Jerome Corsi, the right-wing propagandist who penned two vile books attacking Democratic Presidential candidates, has been 'detained' in Kenya.

He was there for the book launch of "Obama Nation," a 300 page attack on Barack Obama filled with the same sort of smears, insinuations and lies as his previous book, an attack on John Kerry called "Unfit for Command."

In Obama Nation, Corsi suggests that Barack Obama is a pot-smoking, secret Muslim radical with connections to black power groups - and filled with what Corsi calls 'seething black rage.'

The book has as little substance as Unfit for Command - the manuscript that stirred up the 'Swift Boat Veterans for Truth' - a petty hate group denounced by every rational politician and serviceman in America, including John McCain.

Despite his reputation as a hatchet artist, Corsi is a favourite with the right wing - many of whom apparently believe the rubbish he spouts in his slanderous books. However, Corsi severely overestimated his appeal when he visited Kenya.

It turns out that spewing a pack of lies attacking Kenya's favorite (grand)son didn't win him any support amongst the authorities in Nairobi. Corsi was arrested for organising the book launch without an appropriate work visa.

Carlos Maluta, a senior immigration official in charge of investigations, told the press: "We still haven't decided what to do with him."

Well, I have a few suggestions...


Mark said...

It sounds like you are in full support of the Kenyan government's clear attack on free speech. If Mr. Corsi is indeed the partisan you describe him to be, would it not have been better for the Kenyan government to let him do and maintain for themselves some semblance of respect for free speech? Or could it be that the Kenyan's know something they don't want to have the rest of know?

Coffee Bean said...

This right winger doesn't pay attention to those kinds of books. That kind of propaganda is nothing more than a smoke screen and it goes on on both sides. It should be about the records of those running. Isn't it old Dr. Phil that says the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior? (and I'm not a Dr. Phil fan, so you know)

I'm afraid the next 28 days are going to take FOREVER.

Roland Hulme said...

Mark - it wasn't a freedom of speech issue. Arrogant old Corsi turned up in Kenya without a work permit. Imagine if a Kenyan had tried to come to America without a valid VISA. The result would be the same.