Friday, August 15, 2008

Republicans don't play fair...

Jerome Corsi is a truly despicable human being.

In 2004, when Vietnam veteran John Kerry stood against George Bush in the presidential election, he published a book called 'Unfit for Command,' which was a cynical pack of lies aimed at discrediting the decorated officer's wartime record.

'Unfit for Command' was the inspiration for the 'Swiftboat Veterans for Truth' - a group of right wing Vietnam veterans who raised money and campaigned against John Kerry in the lead up to the election - and possibly contributed to Kerry's defeat.

Just like 'Unfit for Command,' the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were largely discredited - but not early enough to prevent the damage they did to Kerry's campaign.

Well, it's a new election and the Democrats have a new candidate - but it's business as usual for Jerome Corsi.

He's just published 'The Obama Nation' (abomination, geddit?)

Just like 'Unfit for Command,' this book is nothing but a cynical attack against the Democratic candidate, filled with page after page of bullshit.

For example, that Barack Obama currently uses marijuana and/or cocaine (because, in Obama's biography, he admitted experimenting with the drugs in college.)

Or that Barack Obama is a 'secret Muslim' (because he spent a few weeks at a madrassa while living abroad.)

These aren't lies exactly. More just wild, erroneous, malicious speculation based on the most tenuous sliver of fact. And the scary thing is that stupid people are going to believe them.

Currently, after the Georgian crisis highlighted his canny eye for the international scene, John McCain's managed to clamber to a level footing with Obama in the polls. He can win this election all by his own damn self - he doesn't need the cheap lies and petty slander of the likes of Corsi.

I hope John McCain does what he did with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - and disassociates himself from Corsi and his cronies.

He's what he said when the Swift Boaters paid to slander Kerry on the television:

"I condemn the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad. It is dishonest and dishonorable. I think it is very, very wrong."

As for Obama? Well, the quality of a man's character is often revealed by the people who revile him. He's gone up a notch in my book.


Coffee Bean said...

I don't believe it is possible for the general public to really "know" a candidate. The only thing you can do to make an informed decision is to know what is important to you and why... and to know what experience they have and what their voting record is. All this other stuff is just stupid.

Becky said...

Even if Obama moved up notch in my book, he would still be somewhere between NOT NOW and NOT EVER.

:) I do agree that there is much propaganda slung during election years that is used to discredit the candidates and is a hideous misuse of free speech.

And I also agree with Coffee Bean that the voting records are usually the most revealing facts about candidates...unless they are wafflers like Kerry...and that I will align my political choice to how I would have voted. :)

Hope you and your beautiful family are doing great! ;)

The Maid

EmmaK said...

all is fair in love, war and political campaigns?

The Chemist said...

This whole race has been a mess and a sham. Not one of the candidates has jumped up and down adamantly promising the return of our constitutional rights. That seriously pisses me off.

Reverse_Vampyr said...

I don't know about this book. I've heard good and bad about it. If, as you say, Corsi's case against Obama hinges on weak smears like the coke & pot thing, or how long Obama attended a madrassa, that's pretty weak.

If, however, Corsi hinges his argument on issues such as Obama's voting record on taxes, abortion, and socialized healthcare, that is crucial information that Americans should know before they vote in November.

Similarly, Obama's ongoing relationships with those who align themselves against America (such as domestic terrorist William Ayers or Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis) are disturbing. And something that voters should be familiar with before empowering a man with very little experience and very many unanswered questions.