Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Flaw with the 2nd Amendment...

I'm not sure if any of you heard about this, but in Colombia, South Carolina, a four year old girl accidentally 'exercised her 2nd Amendment rights' with her grandmother's concealed handgun.

The girl fortunately survived the gunshot wound to her chest - and South Carolina police didn't press charges against her grandmother (we are talking about South Carolina, here.)

It did raise some interesting issues, though - like what the hell a 47 year old grandmother was doing with a handgun concealed in her purse. I didn't realise shopping at Sam's Club Wholesale Store was so dangerous!

The woman in question, aside from being an idiot, was a county magistrate and claimed that her job was 'dangerous' enough to warrant carrying a concealed weapon. The authorities were more than happy to issue her a 'Carry and Conceal Permit (we are talking about South Carolina, here.)

However, herein lies the flaw I've identified with the 2nd Amendment...

Most of the people in America who vehemently defend their right to own handguns are the last people in the world who should be owning handguns.

Seriously, the first rule of disqualifying somebody for a 'Carry and Conceal' permit should be the fact that they applied for a 'Carry and Conceal' permit in the first place.

I absolutely agree with private gun ownership - but only for people who are quite rightly terrified of guns, hate them and keep the damn things in pieces, locked up in a safe in their basement.

The people who love guns - who fetishize them [You just made that word up - Editorial Bear] should immediately be banned from ever owning them.
  • Seriously - you own more than three handguns? Clearly not the sort of person we want wielding a semi-automatic.
  • You think the mattress-mounted bedside shotgun rack is an essential part of your home defence strategy? You are NOT sane enough to own a scatter gun.
  • If you have ever used the expression 'Guns don't kill people... People kill people' unironically, [You just made that word up too - Editorial Bear] you are CLEARLY two cans short of a six pack.
Basically, if you think guns are 'sexy', it's quite possible you're missing that essential brain-component that makes you a good candidate to own a weapon. Shotguns and handguns are for farmers, police officers and secret agents. Suburbanites like us should consider a Louisville Slugger all we need to defend our homes and family.

Actually, scratch that. I'm personally with the philosophy you'll find over at our partner blog, Renaissance Babes. Who the hell wants to own a loud, messy, dangerous gun when you could be wielding the ultimate in personal defence equipment - a sword!

"I don't see why so many Americans get their knickers in a twist about the 2nd Amendment, since swords are so much cooler than guns."


Anonymous said...

You are an IDIOT!

Roland Hulme said...

Undoubtably! But which specific idiocy where you referring to?

April said...

Love how anyone can say what they want under the name of anonymous.

You are a genius. I had to fight every impulse within me not to stand up and clap after reading this. If you are so afraid to leave your house for fear someone is going to hunt you down, you need medication, not a gun. Or you need to CHANGE JOBS. I could go on and on about this but really, neither of us has the time.

I am pretty sure I have an intellectual crush on you Roland. You are the man.

Anonymous said...

Not anonymous here... name's Andy. Think about what you are saying... the best gun is a locked up gun??? I have had several close calls working in Atlanta, GA. Had I not been carrying on one occasion or had one in my car on another (yes... two different handguns - can use both of them very well) I would not be able to make this post. Anonymous is right... your thought process here is baffling.. I carry concealed not because I'm a gun buff (though I am) but because when something does go wrong (not expected to go wrong else I'd bring a bigger gun) I don't want to stop the criminal and say hold on... let me go out to my car... or into my closet to get my firearm... oh and can you hand me my keys to the safe... i forgot those too! Seriously. You live in la-la land. I live in an upscale nice neighborhood in Roswell and we have had several home invasions within the neighborhood... all of them ended in arrests because the people behind the door had a gun handy and knew how to use it. I hope and pray you never experience what I have and that if you do you survive it being unarmed... you will never go unarmed EVER again I promise you. Everyone in my family knows how to use every weapon I have.

Great analogy... on your thought process... I keep fire insurance on my home... why... not because I expect a fire but because when and if a fire happens my possessions are protected financially. I also keep a loaded fire extinguisher handy too... keeping a gun locked up and unloaded is like keeping an empty fire extinguisher under the sink!

You do have to be careful when you have young kids around... my wife keeps her purse out of reach (and for women with carry permits... where the hell else do you carry them? in your thong?) of them but still where it's accessible quickly should someone come pounding on your door trying to kick it in at night. I don't ever expect it to happen to us... but when it does it will be the last home that person breaks into and my family will be safe and not at the mercy of an armed criminal.

Being scared of the gun is from lack of understanding how to properly use one. Personal and Home defense basic training is available for free in most places or very cheap anyhow.

It's thought processes like yours that will end in the 2nd amendment being removed. Then only the criminals will have the guns and you know what sucks... police or only minutes away when seconds count. Think about it. Police are not around for your protection... they are there to respond and clean up the mess.

April... you call that genius... that's insane!

People aren't afraid to leave their homes... i'm not... but accidents happen... criminals don't discriminate and being at the wrong place at the wrong time and unable to protect your life or the life of your kids in the back of the SUV or wherever would haunt you for the rest of your life if you lived... and believe me... if you ever face the 2 situations I faced... you'll never think the way you did here ever again.

Sorry for the long rant but get some backbone people... this country was founded on very strong people who stood up for their rights...exercised them... understood them... history will repeat if you stay ignorant. Do pre- WWI and WWII history and research and you'll see much of the same ideas and thoughts back then that you are venting here and seeing now thru today's politics...

-Andrew Vincent, Roswell, GA.

Roland Hulme said...

Hi Vincent! Thanks for your articulate and intelligent response.

I've gone back and forth about the 2nd Amendment - but I'd never advocate changing it. As far as I'm concerned, the Bill of Rights is sacred. It's my Bible and my church.

You might be interested in other posts I've written:

But ultimately I don't think guns should be banned:

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

get a life.. tell you what why dont you take everyones guns away like obama wants to... and just see how long it takes for the murder rate in America to increase... the element of surprise is the only reason my most people can walk downt the street in any town without being mugged, raped, murdered,etc.. would you fuck with someone if you had any idea that they might blow your head off..?? probabally not. but if everyones right to carry or own a gun is taken away who do you think will have guns? ill tell you.. the military, the police which is fine but also the only other people that would have them would be those who plan on using them unlawfully. taking gun rights away dont protect americans it puts them in harms way.. thugs, gangasters, and punk asses dont rob the 7-11 on the corner because a old man owns and runs it.. old man doesnt take shit from no one and keeps a smith and wesson 357 under the counter.. but if those same thugs knew he could no longer have one then whats to stop them from robbing, beating and killing him at say midnight when no one is around???? hmmmm???? i know what your thinking oh the police would save him... sorry it doesnt work like it does in the show COPS... what needs to happen is people need to learn how to handle guns both adults and children. i learned gun safety before i learned how to ride a bike. i never played with guns you know why.. because i was taught what they can do and how to treat them with respect.

Chris Bartelle said...

Owning a gun is a right every American has, whether you like it or not. I hope it pisses you off that I own 2 shotguns a pistol and a .308 long range rifle. I love guns, but then again I'm a former infantry Marine and not a liberal cunt like a lot of you on this page.

Roland Hulme said...

Thank you, Chris, for proving every stereotype about gun owners. You might not be a liberal, but you're certainly the second part of that epitaph.

Not that I'd expect you to know what 'epitaph' meant.

ryansalion said...

ok well i must say this is the most retarted message critising the 2 amendment and "guns". u cleary live in some safe suburban area where the last crime was a kid stealing from kmart or some stupid thing. some poeple live in places where a gun is the safest and most quickest way to persue atheif or down right murderer. i keep a none registered gun in my car just cause its better to be alive then dead and if your saying im psychaotic cause i want to survive well then so be it. kall me insane but im not gona let some fuk nut try and rob me or kill me for some stupid money exspecialy with the way the economyis going. plus lol keeping it locked up how the fuck is that going to safe you when u got a bullet in ur ass cause its was locked up stupid fuck. hell i sleep with my gun under my pillow. not kidding lol and this fuck nut is prolly a real conservative bitch for saying those not so intelligent words. come in my house un anounced and im sorry but your ass is gona be breakfast for me. pop pop pop ryan elliott from kali by the way

Roland Hulme said...

i'm going to go out on a limb and say that Ryan's comment MUST be a wind up. How anybody who is so incapable of stringing two words together could possibly have a job AND own a car is beyond me.

But the fact that such a retard could legally own and purchase a gun?

Not surprising in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

If you remember your history,... there was a revolution that began when the Brits tried to take American's guns. Those that took the side of the British were (Kindly) asked to leave after the war. You can only hope to be so lucky. I think they should have been tried & jailed. Awful jackass.

Roland Hulme said...

Wow, Anonymous - what a SHAMEFULLY inadequate understanding of your great nation's history you have.

Might I recommend this book:

It will give you a very clear background to the complex origins of the American Revolution - little of which had to do with gun control.

I resent you trying to insert your ridiculous propaganda into a very real and very valid issue.

The Right Site said...

I hope you don't have to eat your words some day. The way the economy and political landscape is shaping up, I'd be thinking hard about it.

To pick out one obscure incident and lambaste all those who carry responsibly is irresponsible to say the least.

As for a Sam's club parking lot being dangerous. . . just do a Google search on kidnapping, rape and murder in a parking lot. Your comment was ignorant at best.

Only a fool would buy the trash you're selling.

A women carries a concealed weapon precisely because we don't live in a fantasy land. It is dangerous out there in parking lots and other places you'd never think of till it's to late. you probably missed the memo.

When a cop is 5-10 minutes away at best, would it be better to carry a cell phone, the latest issue of Cosmo or a gun.

Guns have prevented many, many more rapes, murders and robberies than have been involved in an accidental discharge.

You can Google those figures too. I am actually trying to figure out if you are just pulling our collective legs here or if you really are so uninformed. Please let us know, the suspense is keeping me awake nights. Not.

For a dose of reality, Check out "The Right Site" here:

stevn said...

i honestly do not care what anyone ever thinks of guns and who should be allowed to own and use them. myself having used them in self defense in the sand pit of Afghanistan, and here in America. i am allowed to defend myself and my family from an attack by any and all means accessible. as long as my life or the lives of my family is on the line i am allowed to defend that. and the best means of defense right now is a fire arm. what is the real problem with a firearm anyways? is it that if used correctly it will bring the death of a person? a man or woman can bring the end of a life with their bare hands, should we outlaw the use of hands? yes taking a life is easier and faster with a firearm but it is still the same end effect. i believe that firearms should be used in self defense as a last resort. as my CHL instructor told me, we shot to wound, unless there is no other option. and if wounding them stopped their attack we render aid until the ems or leo arrive. in the end it all comes down to what the law states we are allowed to do. as of right now we are allowed to use firearms to defend ourselves, and so it is my choice to do so. "i carry concealed everyday because i would rather have my gun and not need it, then need it and not have it" i am sure this comment will strike a nerve or two with a few of you but as i stated in the beginning i dont care what anyone else thinks i am just doing as the law allows me to do.

- Steve Gibson - Houston Texas