Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

Can it be possible? Is the Hillary Campaign Train finally derailed?

Well, last night Barack Obama wrapped up enough votes to seal the Democratic Nomination for the White House - but Hillary still isn't conceding.

Not yet - not until she gets at least a consolation prize, like the Vice Presidential nomination.

If Obama does choose to pick Hillary for that slot, they'll make a pretty unbeatable duo in the upcoming elections. If he doesn't, he'll still most likely put up a strong contest for the White House. Don't take my word for it - while Ladbrookes are offering strong odds of 5/4 on McCain (meaning a £4 will net you £5 if he wins, plus your original four quid) the odds on Obama are an astounding (and unprofitable) 4/7, meaning if you place a £7 bet you'll only stand to win £4 if he takes the election.

Snce there's money involved, I'm generally willing to accept those odds as gospel.

But would Hillary take the Vice President spot? Would Obama even offer it to her?

It would certainly make history for Hillary to become the first female Vice President. But Vice President isn't exactly an important or significant role - even John Adams, the first Vice President, admitted that the position was "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived."

But this might be the closest she'll ever get. At 60 years old today, Hillary would be nearing McCain vintage by the time she got the opportunity to run for President herself - and if Obama was to last two terms, history generally dictates that the opposing party 'gets their turn' meaning Hillary could realistically be 76 before the next Democratic president heads to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Vice Presidency might be the only opportunity Clinton has to make her own mark on American History. You can't really blame her for fighting so bitterly to secure it.


anthonytampafl said...

Are You sure she gone?
Are You sure Friday is It, and the presidential race is no longer about voters are You 100% sure shes gone, did you check thy said that about McCain he was gone dead remember,
Barack Obama and Bill Ayers
This is not just guilt-by-association This man may be up to his old rong doing again and He will do just what He wants to see Obama in Office.
Did The Caucuses get over run and jacked up by new stundents voters and war protesters mobilized by the ’60s radical and University of Illinois professor Bill Ayers is He up to the same crossing all lines and even herting Americans to get his point across again?
Did He help galvinized the large student involment in Obamas team the ones jacked up the caucuses?.

Roland Hulme said...

So what you're saying, Anthony, is that Obama didn't legitimately win the nomination because he 'cheated' by mobilising first-time voters and students into supporting him?

What utter rubbish.

Reverse_Vampyr said...

Anthonytampafl's spelling don't help make his case, either.

Obama has quite a rogues' gallery of advisers and associates, so I'm not sure whether or not he'll be extending the invitation to "Her Thighness" to join his ticket. She certainly fits in with the likes of Tony Rezco, William Ayers, Rev. Michael Pfleger and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I still haven't figured out whether a Hillary VP would sway enough victim-minded voters to garner them the White House, or her presence would be polarizing enough to drive an adequate numer of independents to McCain. I'd hope for the latter (although the thought of a McCain presidency gives me hives). But given the mindset of many Democrats, I think it may be the former.