Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Coffee Bean Competition!

If, for some horrible reason, I was forced to give up alcohol completely, I think I could survive - by replacing it with coffee [If you call that surviving - Editorial Bear.]

A good cup of coffee is a wonderful thing and generally won't do you much harm - unless you follow Balzac's example and drink 40 shots of espresso in a single day (which apparently killed him.)

So in the interests of caffeinating the nation, I thought I'd tell you about a competition coffee-obsessed Coffee Bean is running over on her blog, Righteous Buzz (buzz as in caffeine buzz... get it?) You can win a $20 Starbucks card (which might even buy you a coffee at Starbuck's prices!)

All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog and you're in with an (espresso) shot - and while you're there, you can find out more about National Dystonia Awareness Week, which is the cause Coffee Bean is trying to promote.

The more the merrier, so head on over to her contest page here. And good luck!

1 comment:

Coffee Bean said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help in getting the word out!