Monday, June 30, 2008

Anybody got a TARDIS?

It's not often I'll say this... but I'm (vaguely) homesick. If we were back in England, we'd have the BEST episode of Doctor Who EVER to enjoy on Friday.

The Daleks. Captain Jack. Rose and Martha and Donna (the annoying ginger one with the big chest) and even Sarah Jane Smith!

All in one episode that can't possibly live up to the hype...

I guess I'll just have to wait for three more weeks until they show it here.

Good news? At least Baby will have an amazing introduction to Doctor Who (even if the lil' tyke is too small to appreciate it.)

Doctor Who was one of my earliest memories. Tom Baker, the quintessential 'Doctor' left the series in 1981 and I was only three - so technically I don't how I could possibly have remembered him. But somehow I did - and his miraculous 'tin dog' K-9.

I wonder if Baby will have such fond memories of this classic British TV show?


for a different kind of girl said...

My husband is quite the Dr. Who fan, every episode recorded diligently from the SciFi channel as well as public television. By osmosis, I am trying to glean as much enthusiasm out of this program as he has!

Kitty said...

Saturday's episode was generally thought to be one of the best ever - they left it at a terribly exciting moment. We've all got to wait until next weekend to find out what happens!