Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Growing old disgracefully...

It's never been cooler to be a septuagenarian.

What with John McCain running for the presidency and Harrison Ford running from the Soviets (in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,) it looks like hitting 'the third age' isn't the handicap it used to be.

I can't wait to see the new Indy movie. Some people treat the 'elderly' with such disdain - forgetting that they've done things and seen things that would blow their socks off.

By the time my father was my age, he'd lived in Jamaica, done the Milan to Turin run in under an hour, driven a Land Rover to Pakistan and helped build a nuclear power station. In comparison, my life's been pretty tame.

Hopefully, seeing Indy practicing his uniquely destructive brand of archeology once again (after a nineteen year absence) will help educate us snotty youngsters that a few creaks and rattles doesn't mean the machinery's ready for the scrap heap.

In the words of Indiana Jones himself - "It's not the years, Honey. It's the mileage."


Becky said...

Dude, I am not plagued yet with that many years...but sometimes I feel the milage!


Loved it...wish that Calista would wake up and realize that she is too young to be with this guy. It is just a little creepy...and the earring Harrison? Come On!

April said...

Harrison Ford - Hot. John McCain - Not so Hot. I don't care how old Indy is, he's still dreamy. And I bet he knows how to use a computer. :)

Kitty said...

Harrison Ford is still pretty darned scrummy ;-) x

BritGal' Sarah said...

Oooh can't wait either, in fact off to see it tonight. You're Dad sounds amazing!

Haunted Jo said...

Well, I've been to see it - reviewed it, too! I think Harrison certainly came off best. The film wasn't exactly amazing!