Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adventure Eddy in Paris...

After finishing Bootleg Boys last year, I became acutely aware that my first full-length Adventure Eddy novel (set in Paris) was simply not up to scratch.

So in amongst my other myriad writing projects, I added the task of rewriting Adventure Eddy (which got to about the 10,000 word mark and then sat, simmering on the back burner.)

Today I peered at my rewrite and saw a lot of good stuff there - but also realised the amount of time, effort and sweat that would need to go into reworking it into something approaching the same questionable quality of the Bootleg Boys.

I decided to just forget it, leave the flawed novel as-is and move onto new and exciting projects.

It's rather sad, since I could really enjoy getting back into a rip-roaring adventure in Paris, making the plot a bit more complex (and the bad guy not so transparent) and improving on the rest of it. The unrequited love story and the big red car would be a lot of fun to revisit (especially since I now own Adventure Eddy's gigantic Firebird.)

But maybe some other time. Right now, I have other fish to fry (or, more exactly, books to write.)

So farewell, Adventure Eddy. In the mean time, I will leave you with the opening page of my rewrite - aimed at grabbing people's attention from the start.

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