Friday, February 08, 2008

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

"When I started pushin' thirty, it started pushin' back." Gary Allan, A Feelin' Like That

The most astonishing thing about turning thirty is that I don't feel it.

Today marks three decades since I was delivered into this world, but in terms of self-confidence, I seem definitely to be stuck in my late teens. I don't feel like a 'grown up' even though the date on my birth certificate indicates that I am!

I looked back on the blog-post I wrote on this day last year - which seems a million miles away now (when, in fact, it's exactly 3462.1 miles, door to door) and I realise how much things have changed.

I wrote then that I had three ambitions to accomplish before I turned thirty:

1: Move to America
2: Get my first book published
3: Earn a living writing

Astonishingly, both the first and the third of those I have actually managed to achieve. Here I am, living in America and working as a writer. A copy writer, I admit - but still a writer!

And the second ambition... Well, my writing has fallen on the wayside for the last few months, but this last year did see me finish off 'The Bootleg Boys' which got a pretty broad thumbs up even if that did indicate that Adventure Eddy (of which I was so proud) was totally crap.

It just goes to show that ambitions can be achieved. Whether through luck, inevitability or sheer stubborn belief, if you set your heart on something, the only thing stopping you achieving it is yourself.

Unless your ambition rests on a redheaded rogue called Eddy.


Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Ginger! You're still a young 'un yet - plenty of time to get that book published. Have a great day. x

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!

And two out of three kicks ass!

Kali said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! 30 ain't anything, baby! I'm glad you achieved two out of go seize teh third! LOL

Kirsty said...

Happy Birthday!
Residing in America and writing for a living. Am rather jealous of you Roland :-)