Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Piglet Limmerick

Over at The Wonderful World of Weiners, there's a special limmerick competition going on! The rules are simple - a traditional limmerick featuring a dachshund!

As it happens, I spend half my idle moments composing rhymes about diva-dachshund Piglet, so scribbling a quick poem wasn't too difficult. I do wonder if my American friends will understand the reference to a 'twiglet,' though!

Pop over to The Wonderful World of Weiners to see other entries!
There once was a weiner called Piglet,
Who somewhat resembled a Twiglet,
He was small, long and brown,
Quite the dog about town,
Although for brains he had only a dribblet.


sweetfrustration said...

thanks for dropping by my site. :p nice site too!

keep on blogging! :p

Anonymous said...

damnit, roland! your limerick kicked my limerick's ass!!! it's really pretty good.

and could piglet get any cuter? don't tell my Sausage i said this, but your wiener might be cuter than my wiener. our wieners are about the same size though. is your wiener a miniature? or a regular?

okay, this whole comment sounds wrong!! just wrong, roland!! haha. but you know what i be sayin'. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful wednesday!!

Katie at CuppaJoe

Kirsty said...

That limerick is so cute, a twiglet- ha!!