Monday, February 11, 2008

One rule for celebs, another for us plebs...

Nothing like double standards, eh?

For us regular folk, a trip to the US Embassy to apply for a VISA is a terrifying prospect. Hours of waiting. Intimidating officers. Fingerprints. Questions. Paperwork. Having to supply every single document you've ever given your name to over the course of the last three decades.

Plus the waiting - when Tina and I got married, it took FOUR YEARS for the Embassy to process our visa and eventually let us move to America.

But none of this matters if you're famous!

No, famous people live by different rules. Take, for example, the drug-addled diva Amy Winehouse.

She recently visited to US Embassy to apply for a work permit, so she could wail her soulful lungs out at the Grammys. Things looked bleak for the pop-princess, though, since traditionally the US Embassy has taken a very dim few of immoral activities and Amy Winehouse's rampant drug abuse is almost as famous as her music.

She was arrested and convicted for possessing cannabis in Norway. Recently, the tabloids published pictures of her smoking crack-cocaine with a London prostitute. Her equally unlikeable husband is currently locked up and facing life imprisonment for witness tampering and assault. Amy herself has been banned from visiting him in jail after she was nabbed sneaking heroin to hubby in her oversized beehive hairdo.

Yet astonishing - in clear violation of their black-and-white rules on the issue - the US Embassy has decided to grant Amy a work permit and allowed her to travel to the United States. What's more, they did it all in the space of a week!

I stupidly obeyed the law AND the immigration rules - and was punished with a forty-eight month processing time for a simple marriage VISA (standard processing time, 3 to 6 months.) Clearly, I'd have been better off snorting smack and shooting-up than being a namby-pamby law-abiding baby.

This is just another example of the idiotic immigration policy currently in place in the United States. It's no wonder that there are an estimated 30 million illegal immigrants in America!

As far as the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration is concerned, their policy is: Punish the law abiding. Reward the rule breakers. Then scratch your head and wonder what the problem is...

Well, to finish up, here's a lovely comparative shot of Amy Winehouse 'after' and 'before.'


Kitty said...

Always nice to read about experiences from a personal angle. Ms Winehouse is, methinks, a bit of a mess at the moment. Obviously, a quick in and out of the States to display her frankly ill-looking self, is just what she needed?

Bizarre, isn't it?


Kingfisher241049 said...

She was attractive, nice figure and everything, now she looks like she's anorexic. I saw the Grammies on TV and she looked high when she came on. The U.S. Embassy may have given her a visa, but its up to the Immigration Officer at the airport where she lands as to whether she gets in. Personally I hope she is refused and sent home.