Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Action Plan Excitement!

Kitty, over at her Bloggy Bits, has also completed the Action Plan - and revealed that one of the things she'd like to improve about herself is her back garden! Although she does admit: "Does this count as 'myself'? ... Tenuous, I know, but never mind!" Head on over to read more.

Loe and behold, the lovely Kirsty over at Words, Wine and Whatnot has also completed the Action Plan! She says her first step is to get a more positive attitude: "I’ve found myself expecting something bad around the corner. It’s horrible!"


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I like your illness advice the best....rum and plenty of it.



Kitty said...

Excuse me! I did amend that 'back garden' thing to wanting to change my ATTITUDE towards the back garden. :-p x

katie at cuppa joe said...

i'll tell ya something i wanna achieve, Roland! that would be eliminating letters X-Z from the alphabet FOREVAH! screw those letters, man!! they have no business being apart of the letter gang. oh, and i wanna end world hunger.

hope you had a terrific tuesday!

katie at cuppa joe said...

i can't sign in on your blog, man. so that's why my comment's like that. i knew you would understand, Roland!! :)

Reverse_Vampyr said...

I love memes. And this one is actually practical! Bravo.

I'm filling one out, it's nearly done (work – and commenting on other blogs – keeps intruding). Will track back to you when I post it.