Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hyundai Coupe Tiburon - Why do Brits pay more?

Today I was writing a commercial for the new 2007 Hyundai Coupe.

A sporty, sleek little car, they're quite popular here as reasonably priced sports cars. I don't like them, of course, but that's because I don't like anything that's not got lousy build quality, horrible fuel consumption and terrible reliability.

They're also popular in the States, where Hyundai has a good reputation as an affordable, reliable brand. They too have the 2007 Hyundai Coupe, branded Tiburon out there.

This is where the problem arises.

In England, a brand new 2007 Hyundai Coupe starts from £15,745.

In America, remarkably, it has pretty much the same price. Only in dollars, instead of pounds.

It retails from $16,595.

According to today's exchange rate, that's fractionally over £8,500.

So why - WHY - are the Brits paying £7,245 more for the very same car?

If somebody could explain this to me, I'd be very grateful.

Until then, I'll be sticking with my lovely little 11 year old Volvo.

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