Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's Red. It has Pop Up Headlights. Have we been here before?

Well, Bebop the Renault it no more, so for a couple of days I was left using what in Britain is laughingly referred to as "Public Transport." The trip to and from work cost almost £30 a day and I didn't get home until 20h30 one night!

Tina and I spent this weekend looking for a new 'ride.'

Ironically, we found her in the next door parking space. In fact, actually IN our parking space more often then not. Our neighbour has an impressive collection of cars (three Volvos and two Minis) and Tina was inspired enough to ask if he had any for sale.

Behold a maroon red Volvo 480.

When I was a kid, I remember my father having a turbo edition of this same car and telling me how he once got up to 120mph in it. When I discovered The Saint I always wondered if an eighties version of Simon Templar would drive Volvo's only 'sports' car since the P1800.

And it was red and had pop-up headlights.

So we bought it.

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