Monday, January 15, 2007

Dogs on Drugs: Love-Hewitt's Pooch takes Prozac

Love Hewitt's dog on Prozac
Entertainment News - 15/01/07 - Helen Bolton

Sit. Stay. Roll over. Take your anti-depressants.

There's a noticeable lack of showbiz gossip - even Paris seems to have stayed home this weekend - so thank goodness for Hollywood's finest admitting to odd behaviour.

Everyman's favourite cleavage, Jennifer Love Hewitt, has admitted she put her King Charles spaniel - called, cleverly, Charli - on Prozac. When Charli started behaving strangely, the vet diagnosed an anxiety problem. Full story here.

I'm going to play Devil's Advocate and say... Well, maybe her dog SHOULD be on Prozac.

You see, I know about crazy dogs, since Piglet is CADD.

Canine Attention Deficit Disorder.

The little miniature dachshund we all love so much is as thick as two short planks. He can run upstairs, but he can't go back down them. And when it comes to dinner time, or any time he's bored, he demonstrates his CADD by frantically licking the furniture and walls.

Thank God they don't use lead in the paint any more!

I am sure some Ritalin would do Piglet a world of good. So Jennifer? I support you 100%.

Let's put our dogs on drugs.

For no reason whatsoever, certainly not to titilate, I will close this post with some pictures of Ghost Whisperer star Love-Hewitt doing what she does best. Which is apparently pout and hold her arms up over her head.

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carrie said...

I have always said to myself that my dog needed prozac... Thanks for coming out with that, you hilarious man, you!

ps.. thanks for stopping by my blog! I LO-OVE yours!