Saturday, December 30, 2006

Prejudice against Redheads: Ginger is the new Black

The reason this sketch is so funny is because it's so damn close to the truth.

The actress is Catherine Tate, currently a comic sensation in Britain and star of the latest Doctor Who Christmas special. Which will unfortuntely age the thing instantly, just like old 60's show when they have topical and contemporary 'guest stars' in them that none of us can remember now.

But Catherine Tate is destined to be this generation's Harry Enfield so good for her.

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jodi said...

i was already looking forward to sending this to my ginger critical friend louise, but then the crack about being scottish nailed it. she's scottish. and honestly, she's a nice girl. and hopefully, the north american appreciation for the redhead will help teach her tolerance. :)