Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back on the Bootleg...

Writing requires momentum.

I think that's one thing I learned during Nanowrimo. Once you've got the momentum going and you're churning out the words, it's very easy to 'get into the zone' and continue writing. I guess that's why successful writers are so disciplined and make themselves write every single day.

When Nanowrimo finished and I beat my target, I understandably took a break from writing. But the planned few days rest has so far been over four weeks. It wasn't until today that I finally started writing again. And it was tough.

I wrote 1,600 words or so - my daily target while I was on Nanowrimo. But it was like getting blood out of a stone.

The longer you go without writing, the less your characters talk to you. The harder it is to overcome the major cause of writer's block, not feeling 'in the zone.'

Real writers - the prolific ones like Stephen King and Jeffrey Archer - realise that writing is 'work' and go to it like a day job. And I think that routine is important, otherwise you drop out of your groove and can't get back into it.

So now I've picked up the baton again, I'm going to keep writing and wrap up The Bootleg Boys as quickly as possible. It's a fun, riotous story and I'm enjoying writing it, but the end is in sight and that will be an achievement.

The continued story will get posted on Bootleg Boys tomorrow, all things working out. Until then, I'm off to dream of big sports cars and lorries full of lager.

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