Friday, October 13, 2006

Meetings - A Great Excuse to Avoid Work

I haven't written much about work since I started at Ocean and Power FM. There's no particular reason for that. I absolutely LOVE my job. There is nothing more satisfying than writing a bunch of commercials and having the client's eyes light up when he hears them. On a much smaller scale, it must be like the feeling novelists get when they find readers who love their novels.

But we all love a good bitch, even about the best job in the world.

Today was my last day before heading off on holiday (more on that later.) I had SHEDLOADS to do. About seven scripts and various other associated gubbins to take care of. I'd have got more of them done yesterday, but I spent the day in Bournemouth on a 'Work Thing.'

And today confirmed what I thought yesterday. There is only ONE thing that I do not like about my job. And it's not the job (I love writing) it's not the workload (I thrive on deadlines) and it's not the people (I think they're all awesome. Even my bosses!)

It's the meetings.

All the bloody time. Meetings for this. Meetings for that. go to Bournemouth and have a meeting. Now, I'm all for meetings and I think they're very productive but HELLO?!?! Has anybody actually noticed HOW MUCH WORK WE HAVE TO DO?

The ironic thing is we ALL feel this way in the meetings, I'm sure.

End of Bitch. Rolski signing off.

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Midgard said...

But we all love a good bitch.
IIII bet you do! flames man flames.