Saturday, October 14, 2006

Flemington, New Jersey. Population 4,047 +2

Well, tomorrow Tina and I make a momentous journey. After more than three years, I'm heading back to America!

Flemington, NJ to be exact, where we'll be staying with Tina's family for a week. It's a great chance for Tina to see her family (and pussycat) again and I can get my Entry Visa stamped.

Hopefully a few days stateside will be lots of fun. I'll try and post pictures when I can! See you in America!

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Marinade Dave said...

I live in the Orlando, FL area, but I'm from Flemington, originally. I used to bartend there at the Union Hotel (your photo) back in the late 70s. For years, I worked at the (now gone) Weiner King restaurant and then sold advertising for the Hunterdon County Democrat. If you pass by Central Liquors, that was my logo design. The owner's name is Jack Little. A very great guy.

Flemington's a nice little town. I hope you enjoy your stay and I'd really like to see your pictures.