Monday, June 05, 2006

Where's the Adventure, Eddy?

Adventure Eddy: Chapter Seventeen

Well, my blog of Adventure Eddy continues…

I’ve tried to keep updates regular, about three or four of them a week. It’s a long story and it’s going to take a while to get through. At the moment, I’ve just posted chapter seventeen or eighteen. Writing wise, I’ve reached chapter forty. The complete story finishes at around chapter ninety.

This might not fill anybody with excitement. My father, who’s loyally been plowing through what’s been posted so far, pointed out the other day that not a lot has really happened so far. It’s not really much of an adventure at all.

And my only excuse for that is: It’s a first draft.

As I read on Ian Hocking’s website, Ernest Hemingway once said: "The first draft of everything is shit." Now, I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I do want to stress that the Adventure Eddy I’m posting on my blog is probably very different from the Adventure Eddy you’ll read when, if, it ever goes to print.

I have a story in my head, you see. It’s the origin story, explaining who Adventure Eddy is and where he came from. A huge amount of stuff gets crammed into this story. Unrequited love. A big red sports car. Paris.

When it comes down to it - when I actually finish the story – a lot of that will have to be trimmed. It’s like making a sausage… [what? Ed.] You wrap up the good bit in the middle, but have to do a bit of trimming on either end.

And in this case, in the middle, too. Which means it’s not really much like a sausage.

Anyway. What I’m posting on my blog is the juicy stuff. The uncut, unedited stuff a la Jack Kerouac. The bits that you can sift through to find hints of what inspired the story in the first place.

And, let’s be honest… Who’s going to want to read all that?

So rest assured, when Adventure Eddy is finally finished, it will be hacked and trimmed and nipped and tucked into something entertaining. But until then, I’ll keep posting everything that gets vomited out of my brain onto the paper.

If you want to keep reading, God bless ya. If you want to wait for the finished product, I can’t blame you.

Thanks, guys!

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