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Militant Ginger
Hi - my name is Roland Hulme, also known as Militant Ginger.

I'm a writer living near New York City, but I was originally born and brought up in Great Britain.

I moved to this wonderful country in 2007 and have never looked back. Except when I wanted a chocolate biscuit (the chocolate here's terrible.)

Militant Ginger is also the name of the business I run - ostensibly offering "writing and editing services" but actually doing all sorts of things that only vaguely fit into those categories - including:

Professional Blogging

I am a blogging machine. I currently write and maintain the blogs of several successful small businesses, including TreeAndLawnCare.com, FauxPanels.com, FauxWoodBeams.com, DeckandDockBoxes.com, KillBedbugs.com - plus those of an increasing number of other companies.

Always professional.
I don't mind telling you that I'm good at blogging. The secret is to treat each blog like it's your own company newspaper - and everything you write has to be relevant, interesting and engaging.

As a result, I've become quite the authority on some truly obscure subjects - from Lyme disease to the management of bed bugs. I've also had my work referred to as an authority on the subject by a number of newspapers, blogs and even the Environmental Protection Agency.

It goes without saying, of course, that I can craft topical, well-researched blog posts around strategic keywords - meaning that my blogs make hefty ammunition in the battle for search engine ranking; and deliver the editorial goods when potential customers click through to them.

If you have a small company and are looking for an engaging, effective and reliable blog writer, don't hesitate to reach out to me. We'll see if we can work some blogging magic together.

Copy Writing

Nobody writes product descriptions better than I do. As a freelance copy writer, I've worked descriptive magic on stunning SKUs from Waterford fine crystal, Royal Doulton china, Wedgwood pottery and HANRO of Switzerland's beautiful lingerie.

I also literally wrote the book on a full lineup of aftermarket radios from SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and the first offerings from the newly merged SIRIUS | XM.

But I don't just write about things. I also write about stuff. Stuff that includes websites like those of the Northeastern Eye Institut and TreeAndLawnCare.com, plus press releases, consumer-facing emails, SMS messages and business-to-business literature.

You name it, I write it - beautifully.

Social Media Management

I've helped several companies get all in a Twitter - and put their mug on Facebook. From national brands like Applebee's to smaller companies like TreeAndLawnCare.com, read their tweets in my accent - because chances are I wrote them.

Social media is a new religion; and many people claim to be prophets. I don't - but I have been considered knowledgeable enough on topics like "Creating a Social Media Calender" to have been a guest speaker at New York's Social Media Week, and have my work highlighted and recognized by my peers.

A lot of small businesses don't 'get' social media. With a pragmatic, practical approach to engaging in the social sphere, I like to think I'm the person that can help explain it; in terms that make sense.

Writing and Editing

There's more to Militant Ginger than this blog. Throw a Google search out there and you'll find my name all over the place. As an engaging, disciplined writer, I've become a featured writer in places like like Renaissance Magazine, SexIs and the Wine Portfolio blog. I'm also copy editor of the acclaimed and controversial men's magazine Jacques; and have had my work highlighted (not always flatteringly) across the Internet and even in the New York Times.

And the Kitchen Sink

I write to get paid; but sometimes I write to earn money, too. That's why you'll find me engaging in all sorts of ill-considered editorial schemes like my Militant Ginger blog, the topical political punditry of the Exchange Coffee House and my guide to being a grown up, M for Man! Through sponsorships, advertising and promotions, I help direct my traffic towards companies who know that fans of gingers make great customers.

Why do I do it?

As you can see, I'm a pretty busy chap - and I love it like that. I'll admit that I get paid for the majority of the writing I do; but love what I do so much, I know I'd still be doing it even if I didn't earn a dime. This, my friends, is called lunacy. But it's also called passion. I write because I love writing - because I love the mental act of wrangling words into new and exciting forms, and I love communicating thoughts and ideas with different audiences.

So if you really want an answer to Who Is Militant Ginger, I could probably have saved you trawling through the proceeding dozen paragraphs and just said this:

Militant Ginger is a writer.
(And a bloody good one at that.)

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