Friday, April 13, 2012

Update on ambitions...

Well, I'm not going to lie: I feel incredibly smug after having got up and gone running two days in a row. Only one mile, but it does make me feel great (if sleepy) for the rest of the day. I'm also poised to make some headway on the Cadillac today, so all in all there's a lot to look forward to!


Andy said...

Good for you, Roland! I REALLY need to get back to that.

When I was 28 years old, I was over 60 pounds overweight. I really was disgusted with myself. I started walking evenings after work, and then jogging, and then running.

I eventually lost 80 pounds, became a competitive distance runner (won some "age group" trophies...for what that's worth). I completed 2 marathons, and loved the hell out of it!

Then one day about 5 years ago I was out for my regular morning 8-12 mile run. I got about 2 miles from the house, and it was like a Forrest Gump kinda deal. It hit me..."This isn't fun any more."

I walked back to the house, and never hit the road again. But, in those 5 years I've noticed a rapid decline in energy, stamina, etc. I have only gained back about 10 or so pounds in that time, but I've learned that there is a HUGE difference in being "thin," and being "in shape." Now, I'm not "in shape, I'm just "a shape".

I am quite sure that if I took it back up again, it would be "hell" like it was when I took up the pursuit, now 24 years ago (Has it really been that long? Yep!).

But, I REALLY should. I know I'd feel better.


Good on ya', Roland! Keep it up. You'll be glad that you did.

Andy said...

BTW, I went vegetarian at the same time I started walking/jogging/running.

I am positive that dumping carcass had a great deal to do with the rapid pace that I got in excellent shape.

Never went back to it, either. The only meat I've eaten in these 24 years is fish meat. Gotta be good for you...I mean, Jesus fed people fish...


Andy said...

BTW (II), I eat a lot of fish.