Saturday, April 07, 2012

Embracing the Social

Maman et Papa Militant are the very epitome of the term "Silver Surfers" - and are very much the early adopters of technology in our family; driving even their own kids to embrace the latest tools in international communication like Skype (albeit, in one case, very reluctantly.)

Yet one area they've yet to engage in is social media - largely because my sister would probably got into cardiac arrest if she woke up one morning to find our parents on Facebook!

That's sad for me, because the more I've moved my career towards becoming an authority on social media, the more certain media tools have served my broadcast needs (to the detriment of other social platforms - like this one.)

As a result, the blog you're reading right now is in dire need to refreshment, and my readers who aren't part of my digital circle miss out on some of my more interesting updates (including, for example, my parents.)

But no longer. It's taken me a while, but I've finally figured out an easy and seamless way to give folks like mes parents an effortless feed of my latest meanderings, while also giving myself the bandwidth to keep that feed updated; largely by tying into the way I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already.

The result is my new Tumblr feed - Militant Ginger in the City. It contains the gems of my daily social updates, and is all located in a handy space that doesn't require a password, profile or login to access.

If you're interested, go and check it out - I will be posting there daily with pictures and musings from my world; and I'd be flattered if you'd join me.

Go to Militant Ginger in the City now.

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