Wednesday, February 22, 2012

But can gingers play sports?

Even realizing that British journalism is perhaps the basest example of the ignoble profession, one has to ask: Why does this article exist?
Ginger-Haired Football Managers - Is Everton's David Moyes The Only Successful One In England? 

by Dan Coombs Here Is The City 

Let's have a look at the ginger haired managers who have tried their hand in management in England and struggled... Read Full Article.

I wish I could say that this ridiculous article is indicative of everything that's wrong with Britain - but when quarterback Andy Dalton tried out for the NFL, some American wags expressed the same opinion: Are there any ginger quarterbacks?

The irony being that ginger haired Andy Dalton kicked ass this season.

I honestly don't know the answer; not that I've ever really been motivated to ask.

Perhaps the lack of famous ginger footballers comes down to the fact that my redheaded brethren are too busy making up a disproportionally significant percentage of world leaders to kick a ball about.

In any event, if Dan Coombs ever decides to take up real sports journalism I'll be fascinated to read it.

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