Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frank Turner - Wessex Boy (Official HD Video)

Considering I've spent the majority of my life traveling in the opposite direction of where I started out, I've never been able to relate much to those oh-so-sincere pop songs about how much your love your home town, or those tunes about going back to your roots (although I do love the Bon Jovi / Jennifer Nettles collaboration Who Says You Can't Go Home?)

That all changed when I heard that the song I've posted below was being played on Radio 1 - a folksy, acoustic number about being a "Wessex Boy" from my home city, Winchester!

It's a very cute song, and I like the video - filmed, of course, in the heart of the cathedral city. A big shout out to the talented Frank Turner for immortalizing the place of my birth into such a lovely song.

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