Saturday, July 16, 2011

Absent without Ginger

Hello my fellow Militants! Long time no see!

As loyal readers (Hi, Dad) might have noticed, I haven't updated this blog for over two weeks. I feel thoroughly rotten about that, but I have been so astonishingly, mind-numbingly busy that I simply haven't had a chance to.

Last week alone, I worked a 50-hour week at the office, did 20 hours of writing for one client and then 10 more for another.

This is on top of Mummy Militant being 9-months pregnant with the latest addition to the Militant brood - and I've got two new independent business ideas I'm working on.

It all sounds far more exciting than it actually is!

Regardless, I'm back now with a couple of blog posts I hope you'll think are worth the wait. Have you yelled at an opinionated ginger today?

1 comment:

Susanne said...

Welcome back! I was reading your post on legalizing pot just last night. I enjoy your posts even if I don't always leave comments. Hope you are well!

Best wishes with all that you have going on!