Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rutgers Day

If there's one part of England I miss, it's the countryside. Growing up in Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall meant regular romps in the dirt and being around animals was second nature to me. It's something I'm very aware that Mini Militant is missing out on.

Which is why we love Rutger's Day - an annual event in which Cook Campus, part of Rutger's University in New Brunswick, opens the gates for alumni and locals to come and explore.

I've been on my share of agricultural campuses, but it's always funny to see college kids leading goats around on ropes, or exercising horses on indoor treadmills. Not too long ago I was a college student and the closest I got to a cow was reading about one in a history book.

Mini Militant loved the day as well - and had many adventures, as you can see below:

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