Monday, February 14, 2011

The Great Debate: "Should abortion be legal in the USA?"

Today is the second of a series of cross-blog debates with conservative blogger Mike Waters; who enjoys the challenge of a gentlemanly discussion. Go and read Mike's opinion over on his blog; and be sure to comment on what you read!

In the mean time, here's my two cents:

"Should abortion be legal in the USA?"

Choosing to support legal abortion as part of the ‘Great Debate’ is somewhat disingenuous of me – because don’t for a second think that I’m ‘pro’ abortion.

In fact, I’m pretty much on the same page as Mike Waters regarding the issue. As a parent, I looked at the ultrasound of my baby boy at eight weeks and there’s no way you can convincingly tell me that this tiny little person was a ‘bundle of cells’ that could be flushed away with no consideration. He was a person to me, a fact proven by the fact that he’s running about three years later.

So my philosophy is the same as Mike’s – as far as I’m concerned, abortion is essentially murder. You’re killing an infant before he or she ever has the chance to breath their first breath of air. It’s a terrible, indefensible sin – and it should end.

But this is where I split from Mike Waters on the issue – because as much as I agree that abortion is a terrible thing, I believe the pro-life movement have an unforgivably blinkered view on the problem – one are more focused on pursuing a political agenda that actually solving the issue.

Abortion, you see, isn’t the disease – it’s the symptom of the disease. The ‘disease’ is the fact that there are 1.3 million unwanted pregnancies in America every year; to women who are unable or unwilling to carry these children to term.

In the 21st century – when we have had the power to prevent unwanted pregnancies with 99% efficiency – this is an absolutely unforgivable state of affairs. What’s more, it reveals the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement. They’re so obsessed with preventing women from terminating their pregnancies they fail to understand that they’re dealing with the problem weeks or months too late.

Although, in all honesty, I have this same problem with the so-called ‘pro-choice’ movement: They’re equally blinkered about why abortion is wrong; fighting to keep it legal for all the wrong reasons. Some so-called feminists even boast of having had an abortion – as if it’s a badge of honor, or cements their membership of the ‘feminist’ club.

The fact is, though, that with pregnancy being preventable, a ‘pro-choice’ woman has already made her ‘choice’ when she falls pregnant. It’s all very well her fighting for the ‘choice’ to terminate her pregnancy; but I think it’s valid to criticize her the same way I criticize the pro-life movement – she’s demanding that choice weeks or months too late.

Ultimately, the truth is that both the pro-life movement and the pro-choice movement need to reassess their agenda; and realize that they should be both fighting for the same aim – the end to unwanted pregnancy in America.

Because that’s the only way abortion will ever end in this country. Currently, 1.3 million American women seek an abortion every year and if the pro-life movement thinks that simply making abortion illegal will solve that problem, they’re dwelling in cloud-cuckoo land.

And that’s why I support abortion being legal; for the time being. Because if women are going to seek the procedure regardless – as they undoubtedly will - I’d rather they get it done in a safe, regulated, clinical environment that one of the infamous abortion mills that cater to those seeking an illegal abortion.

Because those abortion mills – which leave women disfigured, sterile or dead, are the ones who’ll be in business if the pro-life movement ever get their agenda passed.

Conservatives will never end abortion by making it illegal. After all, the growth and sale of marijuana has been ‘illegal’ in America for the past eighty years; and three times more people smoke pot here than in Amsterdam.


paul mitchell said...

You and I agree that abortion is murder. Now, make it a crime. Plain and simple.

I can not support anything that I know to be gruesome and wrong.

Susan said...

My suggestion: make abortion an option as long as the mother's life is endangered. This should be done on a case by case basis, between the doctor and the patient. If a woman has been raped and suffers from complex post-traumatic stress, then abortion should be an option as she may hurt herself and the baby as well.

Even with abortion being legal, there are back alley abortions--some because they are cheaper, some because young girls fear going to the known clinics where members of their church picket. Then there are the illegal third trimester abortions--you may have read about that carnage that took place in a Philadelphia clinic.

I cannot stand that we have abortion on demand in this country. It cheapens life. Some people use proper birth control and still get pregnant. Others don't bother and seem surprised that a baby is the result of sex. Americans think that everything should be permitted if something gets in their way. Abortion on demand fulfills that expectation. It should be a last resort. Meanwhile, we must encourage responsible sexual behavior--we don't do that and of course we end up with unwanted pregnancies, aborted babies and destroyed lives.

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Roland!

Abortion is wrong. Abortion is murder. Abortion is also big business in America... an entire industry.

The truth is people always have a choice and they have choices at many points along the way. They choose to have sex outside of marriage, they choose not to use birth control or they use birth control and it fails, they choose to continue the pregnancy or to end it, and they choose to put the baby up for adoption or keep it. People were having abortions long before it was ever leagal. Illegal abortions are still being done.

The fact is we live in a fallen world and we have the choice to follow God or not. What goes on within our judicial system is people are fighting to have their personal beliefs and convictions forced on others through laws. It is happening on both sides of the fence. We all have to live together in this country and we have to have some sort of order.

At the very least, I would like to see that money is not taken out of our pockets to fund things we find morally reprehensible. People would still be free to make their choices but we wouldn't be forced to pay for it.

Abortion not only destroys an innocent life... in many cases it also destroys the life of the mother. I will never forget my friends who have had abortions and how they were affected. One of them killed herself. There are so many young girls that get abortions because they are told no one will know, the baby isn't really a baby yet, and/or the baby won't feel anything. Sometimes they are adversely affected until they give birth to another child. The guilt can be all consuming and it is very difficult to get them to a place of healing and forgiveness.


I not only care about the babies... I care about the girls and women involved. I care about the fathers that have no choice.

Personally, I was in college when I was hospitalized for two months with an eating disorder. When I got out my husband, then fiance', took me away for the weekend. We didn't even think it was possible for me to get pregnant... but I did. Because of the eating disorder I missed all the signs. I went back to my ways... it was a real mess. No one could get me off the path I was on to total destruction. My husband took me to an urgent care clinic... I was so severely dehydrated they ran Iv's of fluids in both arms and legs at the same time. My heart was in arythmia and the doctor wanted me hospitalized. He even called my parents and said I needed to go back into treatment. I refused. Then, a couple days later, I found out I was pregnant. Not only was I pregnant I was almost 3 months along.

I was so afraid I had harmed my baby... My parents were sure of it and wanted me to abort. My father would not even look at the ultra-sound. He said it would not survive. They didn't think I could survive a pregnancy.

That baby saved my life. That baby was the only thing that could. It was a difficult pregnancy but... she was born healthy. No one could believe it when they saw her... 10 lb 2 oz and 22 inches long. In fact, today, Valentine's Day, is her 22 birthday and she got married in December.

Life is messy... things don't always happen according to our plans. Personal convictions are not really personal convictions if we don't fight for them. It is my hope that people realize that I'm not just fighting for the unborn... I'm fighting for the mothers as well.

Coffee Bean said...

ACK! I should have proof read my comment before posting!

It should read, "Sometimes they are NOT adversely affected until they give birth to another child."

It is when the mother is holding her child she chose to keep that she thinks about the one she did not. Most of the women I know that have had abortions remember the date they had it, remember the date their child would have been born, are aware of how old that child would now be and some of them even think they know whether it was a boy or a girl. They wonder about that child!

Also, many women keep their abortions a secret. I have personally held a woman on the floor weeping uncontrallably when she told me her secret... a secret she had kept for nearly 20 years.

J.M. Waters said...

Roland, I am sure I will sound heartless here...but, if we are talking about the majority of abortions (which are chosen after consensual sex) I believe both the woman and the practitioner should be convicted on a crime. Yes, in my opinion the crime should be murder. This cannot happen if abortion remains legal at all.

I know some will throw out the standby argument of "What about cases of rape, incest and life of the mother?" I think it would take me more time than a blog comment allows to lay out my answer to that question.

Nevertheless, great post as always! On this subject you and I definitely agree more than we disagree I think. Yikes! We cannot let that continue. Ha!

Susanne said...

I enjoyed your post. It's really good of you and Mike to have these gentlemanly discussions!