Friday, January 21, 2011

Will a fellow ginger win American Idol?

Since la famille Militant doesn't have cable TV, we don't watch American Idol - the perennially popular TV show in which aspiring hopefuls compete for a multimillion dollar record deal.

If we did, however, then 2011 is the year we'd actually be rooting for a contestant!

16-year-old Brett Lowenstern is a big haired, big voiced redhead with a ton of enthusiasm, a great attitude and a stunning voice. He spoke very honestly about the trouble he's had fitting in during school, and how he turned that adversity into the motivation behind his musical career. Good for him!

Let's hope this talented kid can beat out the cookie-cutter, over-commercialized, pop star clones and take it all the way to the final. Way to go, fellow ginger!


Susanne said...

Great voice! I loved the piece about him. What a cute guy.

Hey, we don't have cable TV either, but we can still watch AI if we want so maybe you can also. If you really want to, that is. :)

Expat mum said...

I don't think his hair was the reason he didn't fit in at school, bless him. He was talented and his parents seemed to be very supportive. Plus, I've seen way redder hair than that. Not sure he qualifies as ginger (altho' I bow to a more qualified judge of that), but he's good.

Roland Hulme said...

Hi Expat Mum! I think you're right about the bullying - he's got the soft voice and slim build as well, and Americans aren't quite a retarded about bashing gingers as us Brits. Nevertheless, as a ginger I'd like to claim him as one of the tribe and hope he succeeds - he's got one hell of a set of pipes on him!