Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

Global warming skeptics might have me convinced... If the world really is heating up, there's certainly been no sign of it in my neck of the woods.

This morning was another snow day - with this awaiting me when the sun went up:

That's bad enough - but the snow was so thick, I couldn't even get to the driveway until I'd shoveled out my front door!

Halfway down the driveway - here's a picture of me looking seriously unimpressed. At least I didn't have to go to the gym that morning, though!

An hour in, and The Locomotive's status was largely unchanged from earlier.

The previous night's snow had been mixed with rain and thunder (something the meterologists out here are calling "thundersnow"). While that sounds very cool, it basically meant that the snow was brick-like and icy, rather than the soft, powdery stuff we're used to.

Eventually, however - VICTORY!

And I'm happy to say that The Locomotive cranked first time, and handled the snow like a trooper. Say what you want about rear-wheel drive cars; but when those boys in Flint, Michigan built mine, they'd obviously anticipated tackling the odd snow storm.


Susanne said...

Great post! I love the pics especially you sporting your ultra-cool scarf. Really, I love the colors!

The Mexican-American Conservative said...

I completely agree!!!!!! They scream global warming, but where is the proof?! Liberals and their get rich quick schemes huh?

Andy said...

Hi Roland! Package received, thank you very much. Look for an official Blogger "Thankee" in a couple of days (when I grab five minutes to rub together).

Sir, I know exactly what you mean. I lived for four years near Durango, Colorado, and shoveled enough snow to give 20 lesser men heart failure, nyuk.

It was hilarious to me (and to the "locals") to see all the Californians move in and immediately go buy four wheel drive vehicles because now it was a necessity. Pshaw! My rear wheel drive Buick LeSabre, and then my Chrysler 5th Avenue handled it just fine.

Man, I wish I'd have had a Lincoln to go careening around the curves on Wolf Creek, or Red Mountain Pass. That woulda' been cool.

Thanks for the pictures. I can't bitch about our weather now. Forecast calls for Sunny & 72 (F) today.


paul mitchell said...

A mere six months ago, I could not relate to your predicament. This is no longer the case. I am not fond of shoveling snow, either.