Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mini Militant joins the A-Team

Fortunately for me, originality is currently dead in Hollywood, and all the toys and series I was crazy about when I was a kid have returned to the silver screen. One of the latest was the A-Team (which you can read my review of here.)

Vans: Not just for Soccer-Moms

This means that I get to live vicariously through Mini-Militant and buy him all the toys I had or wanted when I was a kid - like the A-Team van, which I picked up for him on clearance.

In my day, vans were cool.

In many ways, modern toys are much cooler than old ones. The molding is more precise, so the toys really resemble the vehicles or characters they're copying. They also have all sorts of cool electronic sounds and lights.

But toys from my generation were built like cars from my generation - to last. Within minutes of opening the box, Mini-Militant's new A-Team van had lost the sliding door and the headlights. It took some gaffer tape and glue to get the iconic vehicle in shape for combat.

Mini-Militant loves it, though - which I love, since it means we have something in common. Currently, the van is zooming back and forth down the kitchen tiles and it's nice to see the old 'gal back in action.

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Buck said...

Heh. Dads are ALL the same. I indulged my boys with stuff I wanted from my childhood, too.

My Ol' Man was pretty good to me, especially when we were stationed in Europe. I had the biggest and best collection of wonderful Schuco wind-up cars in the neighborhood, and I loved 'em to death. I'd love to have any ONE of those cars... just ONE... today. But not at these PRICES! ;-)