Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Anti-Jared

I follow a bunch of other bloggers, and don't give nearly enough of them the credit and appreciation they deserve. Today, I'm going to try and amend that - by giving a birthday shout-out to one of the most inspirational men on the Internet.

Tony runs the Anti-Jared blog - an unspoken challenge to Subway spokeman Jared Fogle (who famously lost hundreds of pounds eating nothing but Subway sandwiches.)

Tony is the antithesis of the 'crazy diet' craze - a guy who went from topping 400lbs to a muscle-bustling 200lbs through healthy eating, exercise and a change in lifestyle.

Tony went from this - and still working harder and longer than most us, mind you...

As he frequently admits, it's not a very 'sexy' diet - most people want instant results with none of the hard work. However, his hard work and discipline diet is the only one he knows that actually helps you lose weight - and keep it off - in the long term. More importantly, it's the only way 99% of us can ever hope to follow his example.

To this - a hard, tough 200lbs lighter

Tony's blog is awesome, because he's never had any illusions about being a writer. He just tells his story and outlines what's on his mind in a clear, concise, steam-of-consciousness style that would put Jack Kerouac ill-at-ease.

On a day to day basis, he hits fifteen thousand followers on Twitter with inspirational insight and truly funny one-liners that make him one of the most followable people on social media. In the 'real world', he works 90-hour weeks as a restaurant manager and is a loyal and loving husband and father.

In no uncertain terms, the guy's a superhero.

Except he'd never talk about himself that way. In fact, throughout this incredible life-transformation he's gone through, he's never been anything but humble and self-effacing. The 'Anti-Jared' journey, according to Tony, is something that's in all of us to achieve, if we just quit making excuses and go ahead and do it.

I started following Tony over a year ago, when I was mid-way through my own battle to lose weight and become a healthier, happier person. I credit no small portion of my meager achievements to his example. He's an inspirational figure, a first-class blogger and a truly amazing human being - and I think the world is a far better place for having him on it for one more year.

Happy birthday, Tony. You rock.

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