Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Duel

Living so far away from home, I am no longer forced to abide by my parent's instructions to "stay out of trouble" during the Christmas season. Hence why I found myself preparing for a duel on the last work day of the year.

A co-worker had besmirched my honor, and I was forced to demand satisfaction.

There was, of course, a beautiful maiden on hand to swoon dramatically...

Before I turned up with my lunchbox... of death.

Which contained my dueling pistols...

One of Mini Militant's gloves was the perfect gauntlet to strike my opponent with.

To which he responded: "It's on like Donkey Kong."

Positions were held...

Five paces were called out by our wonderful Officiator.

And then I turned and fired!

As did my foe... Somewhat hampered by the realization that he had no bullets in his gun.

Yet having successfully dodged my shot, it was decided honor was appeased and we made up like gentlemen.

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Susan said...

Oh, God. It's been ages! I'm blogging under my own name now. I'm so glad you're still around!