Monday, September 06, 2010

The Locomotive Pays Its Way

Fans of Militant Ginger (Hi, Dad!) will know that I traded in the Gingermobile for what was intended to be an interim vehicle, the stoic yet unspectacular Locomotive.

Rather ironically, I've ended up owning this cream and tan monstrosity longer than I've owned almost any vehicle, and it's grown on me immensely.

A while ago, I even did the math to work out whether it was more cost-effective to own a clunker like The Locomotive or a more modern and reliable car like Mummy Militant's Rav4 - in the end my Lincoln proved to cost about $500 less per year.

Until today, that is.

Because today, my Lincoln Town Car finally achieved what I could never do (especially since I'm ginger), and became a fashion model. The immensely talented Jonathan Leder was doing a photo shoot for a popular New York magazine and my Lincoln served as either backdrop or star (depending on who you're trying to impress.)

And - to completely bugger with my old car vs. new car mathematics - I actually got paid for it.

That's right. My Lincoln earned a paycheque. In the space of a single day, it earned a significant percentage of its purchase price back, lodging it even more firmly ahead in the whole old car vs. new car financial showdown.

Whats more, it got to have beautiful girls frolic in the backseat, which I can confirm now never happens in a 2001 Rav4.

And it also answered the question that had been bugging me for ages: How many fashion models/makeup artists/stylists can you fit in the back seat of an '89 Lincoln Town Car?

The answer is six.

Sadly, I don't have photos to prove it.


Tom said...

I like _this_ version of cash for clunkers. :-)

Valora Morgan said...

Yay for pimp daddy cars!!! ;o)

mre30seattle said...

And if you hear of anyone looking to use a 1986 944 for a photo shoot in the NW I can pimp Jake out.