Saturday, June 12, 2010

Philidelphia Comic Con

You might think that I'm a geek already, but I'd never truly embraced my geekness until today, when I attended the Philadelphia Comic Con 2010. And it was awesome.

It's hard to explain what the best part was, but I think it just had to be the atmosphere. There were people there expressing their inner geek in the coolest of possible ways - like the homemade Dalek and 4th Doctor below. There was a 6th Doctor as well, but my wife failed to immortalize her in crappy digital format.

The reason we were headed to Philadelphia Comic Con was 'Spike' - California actor James Marsters who had done such a terrific job with characters like William the Bloody from Buffy, and Captain John Hart from Torchwood. We sat in on a question-and-answer session with the actor in which he was incredibly open and charismatic. Later, Mini Militant got to meet the man face to face and share his thoughts...

....which James Marsters was fascinated in.

Seriously, having never gone to an event like this in the past, I was singularly impressed with the class and friendliness of not just James Marsters, but everybody who participated. The highlight of my trip (unfortunately unphotographed) was getting patted on the back by Ernie Hudson; the original Ghostbuster and star of Congo.

Mini Militant followed his instincts to whom he thought the attention was deserved - the famous 'Suicide girls.' They were singularly the sweetest, kindest people in the world who completely fawned over Mini Militant - yet he balled his eyes out regardless...

The college kids behind us were muttering: "Duuude. I wish I could get that attention from those hot chicks." This simultaneously highlighted the hilarity of Mini Militant's behavior, and the fact that the word 'dude' should be stricken from the con-going language.

Oh, oh.... I also saw Patrick Stewart walking through the crowd. He was flanked by security and looked justifiably scared (I was the only one who recognized him - if the rest of us nerds had, he'd have been devoured alive.)

All in all, Philadelphia Comic Con was huge fun and I'm really excited to have gone.


Andy said...

Roland, we all loves ya'.

You're a geek.

Susanne said...

You are a likable English geek. And your baby is adorable as I always say. :)

mre30seattle said...

That's ok. I've been to a Trek convention.

Next week is a horror convention held here called Crypticon. I may be there. Our film is showing there as well.

Mini Militant is one lucky toddler.