Saturday, March 20, 2010

Times change...

Apparently posing with monstrous old cars doesn't.

At the sight of my latest lovingly posed pictograph with The Locomotive, my absolutely lovely friend Emma sent me a message:
"I'm so impressed that you have been striking the same pose for over 13 years now. "
Actually, it's more like fifteen... Although I've come a long way from this: this:

Technically, that 'long way' is 3,467 miles - but I think on a personal basis, I've traveled more introspective miles than all my clunky old cars rolled up into one.

It's funny how one aspect of my life that's remained constant - the idiotic posing with impractical motor cars - somehow highlights everything in my life that's not the same.


Occasional Professor Tom said...

Captain Roland, anyone?

Andy said...

Heh! Good one OPT!

Roland, you gave me a real chuckle with that one. Yeah, I can identify...

April said...

OHMYGOD you should TOTALLY bring back the rocking red 'fro!

Count said...

Love the picture. If anyone knew how wonderful the sheltered little Oasis behind that car was they wouldnt be so short on celebration. A pose well struck has done worse people than you the power of good. Have you ever seen Paris Hilton looking left ? - just an idea but I dont think she can but would be happy to be proven wrong. Like Zoolander some people just have foibles they cant escape.

Keep the Faith,