Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowpocolypse II

Oh no, not again!

Sorry for my week long absence from blogging. It's been a very busy week that was once again interrupted by a 'snowpocolypse.'

That saw The Locomotive buried again - and forced me to set up a writing workshop in the basement as schleping to the Jersey Shore in three feet of snow isn't exactly a wise idea in a 4,400 lb rear wheel drive Lincoln.

Considering that we've been buried three times this year, it's also becoming more and more difficult to ignore the fact that Global Warming seems to be taking a vacation.

This tremendous snow has been quite an eye-opener for me. I've certainly burnt a few calories shoveling the white stuff and been quite entertained watching the carnage on TV. Every morning, as thousands of employees call in for a 'snow day,' our local news network, News 12 New Jersey, interviews the few reckless fools who did venture out during the whiteout - and invariably, it's for a cup of coffee!

I find it ironic that nobody ignores the warnings not to travel when it involves going to work or school, but got forbid 50mph winds and three feet of snow gets between them and their grande venti mochachoca chai latte with skimmed milk!!

Ironically, the only thing we didn't have in the house when the snow hit was coffee. Instead of braving the weather, though, I just drank green tea instead.


paisley penguin said...

HeHe - Starbucks is close enough for me to walk if we are out of coffee. Sorry to hear about all your snow. Out here on the left coast it's practically spring!

mre30seattle said...

Glad you're able to get work done from home and not be out in the snow.

I truly feel for you. Your winter was ours last year. Worst that I can personally recall ever having here in my lifetime.

Stay warm and I hope your weather clears up soon. Damn Phil and his 6 more weeks of winter!

Andy said...

Roland, that photo is "priceless!" Seriously, man...

Sorry about all that white global warming you're dealing with...

I really am, but I can't help but laugh out loud. It's VERY familiar...