Friday, February 19, 2010


Beneath this mountain of snow lies The Locomotive - and I've neglected to recognize a very important milestone in this luxurious Lincoln's distinguished history.

At the turn of the month, I've owned this car for an entire year.

Now, that might not sound impressive to some people; but it is to me. Looking back, I haven't actually owned the same car for more than twelve months since my sexy little MGB GT 'Snowy' (and the vast majority of time, that little sports car was sitting forlornly in the garage of a crooked little Welshman.)

Funnily enough, when I bought this beautiful car I didn't think I'd be driving it for more than a few months. I had my eye on the next 'Gingermobile' - a sexy two seat sports car - and thought that The Locomotive was merely transitional.

However, here I am over a year later and The Locomotive is still going strong. Okay, admittedly I've thrown a new transmission and exhaust on it; but dollar for dollar it's still cheaper to run than my wife's Toyota and, ultimately, a lot more stylish and comfortable.

I'm a little worried that I've given it the kiss of death by writing this post; but hopefully The Locomotive will maintain its stellar record and give me many more months of motoring until I finally do find the opportunity to add le nouveau Gingermobile to my stable.

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Andy said...

Roland, dude you're gonna need a shovel. Man, I'm laughing at that picture for ONE reason.

I had a massive Dodge once that got covered over just like that when I lived in Colorado. I had to wait for the Spring thaw to drive it...oh man, that's funny.