Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holy Crap! SNOW!

Those witchdoctors at the Meteorology Office were right! Last night we got hit with the mother of all snowstorms - up to 24" in some parts of New Jersey!

And yes, a lot of it landed on our house. A LOT! It was like an explosion at a Slush Puppy factory. (I imagine.)

Mummy Militant, Mini Militant and I donned our gay apparel to deal with the blanket of white stuff.

But Mini Militant's first experience of snow was not a happy one. "DO NOT WANT!" He was quickly returned inside for a hot bowl of spaghetti.

I have no idea why I included this picture of The Locomotive, except to possibly explain to my friends back in England that when they complain about ice on their windscreen, they should count themselves lucky!!

Happy holidays!


paul mitchell said...

The runt looks highly displeased. That was too cute.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oooh fun, we got 26 inches in 12 hours on March 30th and all I did was shout expletives for 5 mins after waking up and looking out the window!

Mini will gorw to love it...and you are SO RIGHT about those Brits back home. I just laugh now when I read about their 4 inch nightmare!