Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Poem about Computers

They say to err is human,
And on that I would agree,
To bodge things up entirely,
You require a PC:

Whether Dell, HP, or Compaq,
(Never, though, an Apple Mac,)
You'll crash your desktop, lose your files,
Unless you have some I.T. guiles.

Computer Drivers, for a start,
Arranging them can be an art,
It says install them, all anew,
But who knows what the hell they do!

My monitor is looking weird,
My status bar has disappeared!
Video Drivers are corrupt,
I think my motherboard is f**ked.

I wouldn't mind, except you see,
That all my work's on that PC!
If it's lost, I'm up the creek,
I was meant to hand it in last week!

Audio Drivers on the fritz,
(I think it's time to call it quits)
I've no idea what sum'bitch does,
Except to make my speakers buzz!

Up, I lift my damn PC,
Out the window, then you'll see!
I'll like it fine when it's been smashed,
Quite literally, the damn thing's 'crashed.'

But wait, what's this I see right now?
Could this be the answer... But how?
To fix my 'puter, right and true,
And this is all I have to do?

On, and off, and then reboot,
Turn my speakers off of 'mute',
Holy crap, it's working now!
(Don't just ask the reason how!)

In the future, I'll stick with this:

1 comment:

Suki said...

LOL! I love that picture of the pencil :D.

(And this is why I'll prefer a two year old Mac to a new Windows lappie when I'm on a tight budget :P )