Thursday, August 06, 2009

Novel Kicks!

I've was a writer long before I was actually a writer.

In fact, it was only a couple of days ago that I felt justified in finally removing the 'aspiring' prefix to my 'writer' profile. I mean, I earn my keep writing (boring marketing copy, admittedly) and you'll find articles by me in two magazines gracing New York's bookshelves this month - but I still felt like I was 'aspiring' to greater things.

But before I actually started being a 'real' writer, I was still a writer. Because I wrote - stories, poems, novels, articles. I scribbled prolifically - right from the day my parents bought me an Olivetti electric typewriter for Christmas (which still languishes in their attic.)

And there's more to being a writer than just writing. It's almost like a different way of seeing the world. Whether it's recognizing the narrative thread in seemingly random events, or building portfolios of strangers based on seemingly inconsequential quirks and habits, writers view life in a slightly different way to everybody else.

Which is why writers are often kindred spirits.

It's that shared outlook on life that inspired by brilliant friend Laura to come up with Novel Kicks - a brand new online forum for writers. I'm really excited to be a part of it - and hope some of my writing-inclined online friends will want to be a part of it too!

Novel Kicks is like a playground for aspiring writers. It's an online forum where we can discuss our writing projects, post excerpts to get feedback on and review, rate (and ravage) any books we've read. There'll also be interviews with successful authors posted there - we've already had chats with Robyn Young and Fiona Walker and Laura will be interviewing Kate Harrison shortly!

Obviously, Novel Kicks is in it's fledging period at the moment - and will grow more compelling and vibrant as more people join it. But if you've got a novel inside of you (or languishing in your sock drawer) then you might just find a visit rewarding.

Go ahead and take a trip over there today

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