Monday, August 17, 2009

New York Renaissance Faire 2009

So this weekend saw us make the hike to Tuxedo, NY - where brave Mini Militant was introduced to the awe and splendor of his first Renaissance Faire!

Of course, we made sure he was dressed appropriately - and he made quite a stir, stumbling about in his kilt!

After his experiences in France, he was utterly fearless in the face of medieval animals, like this beautiful donkey in the petting zoo.

And he even straddled a Shetland without shedding a single tear!

Flatbread chicken sandwiches and onion blossoms might not have been entirely accurate medieval fare, but Mini Militant was still enthusiastic about tasting them!

And while the day was definitely all about him, Mummy Militant and I still managed to sneak off to the kissing bridge for a moment.

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mre30seattle said...

You both look great in your kilts!