Monday, August 31, 2009

Being a better blogger.

"Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
I will be brief. Your noble son is mad. . . ."

Polonius, Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2, 86–92
Verbosity is not a virtue.

In an effort to become a better blogger, I've decided to REALLY try and limit the length of each of my posts.

This was a perfect example of something that was too long - I halved the length here without losing any of the impact of the post.

So I've decided to usher in a new era of slimmer, trimmer blogging. My intention?

To make sure all of my posts accomplish the following:
  • Answer a particular question, or raise a particular topic to make them engaging and encourage traffic/readers
  • Express a forthright opinion about the issue raised, to encourage comments either agreeing or disagreeing with my post.
  • Remain brief and accessible. Accomplishing it all within 500 words or less.
It's a difficult set of boundaries - obviously, complex issues demand longer posts. However, in this age of soundbites, people demand their news and information more and more concisely. I intend to trim the fat, cut to the chase and give new visitors exactly what they demand.

Let's just see if I can keep it up!

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Meghan said...

Sounds good can't wait to read the new posts :) Except keep the posts with pics of Boo long.