Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shop Wiki

Wikipedia's rapidly become the source for pretty much all information on the Internet.

Even John McCain's campaign for presidency used it (largely without verification) to stay informed on global issues (like, for example, the fact that there's another Georgia outside American borders.)

Wikipedia's credibility comes not only from being a prodigious source of information. It's also trusted because people are largely oblivious to the fact that you and I can edit the 'facts' displayed on Wiki to create our own version of 'wikiality'.

[For example, edit the page on Global Warming and write that global temperatures have actually gone down over the last century. Then, 'bang!' It's a fact! It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true! There you go: Climate Change solved! - Editorial Bear]

Whatever you think of Wikipedia's editorial authority, it's certainly become popular. That's largely because it is a fairly reliable source of information (especially if that information is about Japanese Anime cartoons, Science Fiction shows and sports statistics.)

That Wiki name recognition meant that I had high expectations for Shop Wiki - an online shopping resource that promises the same abundant access to information as its encyclopedic cousin.

So what is Shop Wiki?

To all intents and purposes, Shop Wiki is kind of like an online store - but don't confuse it for Amazon. Unlike that online provider, Shop Wiki not only lets you browse stuff online, it also lets you compare prices from just about every online provider - even the ones who don't pay for it.

What does that mean? Well, for a start it means that Shop Wiki can let you do an online price check instantly, rather than visiting different sites to compare costs.

But there's more than that. On the Shop Wiki directory page there's a virtual online department store displayed, making it much easier to find what you're looking for than Amazon. Also, each 'department' has a buyer's guide, to get you informed before you spend your money.

I found their buyer's guides to men's suits invaluable, for example - and found a great linen suit on Amazon for just $49!

Shop Wiki also has online 'branches' in other countries, so you can browse for bargains in France or shop for savings in the UK and only see offers from national providers.

All in all, Shop Wiki is a pretty useful place to have discovered - offering real benefits when you're shopping online and delivering results every time.


Meghan said...

I see he takes after your love of fine cars ;)

HardTruth said...

Hey Roland,

You have a beautiful family, and I appreciate the comments you've made on my site. I know you don't believe in Him, but I'll say this anyway; God bless you!