Monday, June 01, 2009

Flight goes missing...

Mummy Militant doesn't like flying...

Which means, considering we're flying to Paris in just over a month's time, that it's spectacularly inopportune that a similar flight, from Rio to Charles de Gualle, simply vanished this morning.

Air France flight 337, an Airbus A330 carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew, disappeared from radar less than 200 miles northeast of Brazil's coastline.

Whatever happened to it, the prognosis can't be good...

I can't think of anything worse for the families of those passengers... It's almost certain that the plane went down - but without having any information about where, how and why, it leaves a big question mark over the whole incident. Should they begin grieving? How can they? When the possibility exists, however ridiculously remote, that they might have survived.

(Although could they? Really?)

In any event, come our transatlantic traveling, Xanax and gin and tonics will be the order of the day!

What with the plane crashing into the Hudson river, another plummeting to destruction in upstate New York and now this, I think it's entirely reasonable to be a little nervous about flying these days!

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