Monday, June 15, 2009

Britain's Hottest Ginger

Perhaps there's hope for England yet.

It turns out that the island of itinerant ginger-haters have admitted that the most eligible bachelor in Britain is none-other than copper-topped crown royal Prince Harry.

"He's posh and polite, yet rugged, fun and down-to-earth at the same time," explained Victoria While, editor of Company magazine. "Aside from being third in line to the throne, he has a seemingly endless list of attributes..."

Including his ginger hair?


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I have a thing for ginger women, but not usually ginger men. However, I find Prince Harry very hot. And I did date a ginger guy for a little while earlier this year, too.

Annity said...

If you're writing about hot british gingers,Tom Hiddleston is worth a mention
(Picture here: )

Not many people know he's ginger because he is most famous for his role as the (dark-haired Loki the Avengers and Thor. In War Horse, Cranford and Miss Austen Regrets, he's blond. It was a shock to discover he's actually a redhead underneath it all! He's a bit of a rising star at the moment, winning Glamour Awards, Man of the Year 2012, Jameson Empire Awards' Best Male Newcomer 2012, and the Richard Attenborough UK Regional Film Critics' Awards 2012, Rising Star Award as well as numerous others. How nobody really heard of him before is a mystery. I dare you to watch any interview with him and not be charmed!

Other recent rising stars of the ginger persuasion include Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint and the newly popular singer songwriter Ed Sheeran, known for hits such as Lego house and The A Team. And he even featured Rupert Grint in one of his music videos as a reference to the bullying he got for being ginger.