Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is the new Myspace?

When it comes to social networking - those curious online communities like Facebook and MySpace - everybody's always looking for 'the next big thing.'

MySpace has definitely 'had its day' now - it's the domain of failed actresses and teenagers, with legitimate users being swamped by spam and 'friend requests' sent in-bulk by aspiring bands.

Facebook is being eclipsed too, by the burgeoning microblogger Twitter...

But what will replace Twitter when the time comes?

Some people are suggesting - a website that features the opportunity to maintain a Free Blog, along with the organization and social networking facilities of Friendster or Facebook.

It might be too early to suggest that is here to stay - but it certainly seems to have promise. Their current drawbacks are the lack of members (although more are joining each and every day) and the incessant anti-spam filters, which force you to enter a code when you do even the most mundane change to your profile.

But with its clean looks and 'new site smell' I think we'll be seeing more from them in the near future. Get your account and profile now - while it's still cool! Remember, if you join too late, you have to tell all your friends you only did it 'ironically.'

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