Sunday, May 24, 2009

Button wins in Monaco

Jenson Button has pulled it out of the hat yet again, to take first place at the Monaco GP.

In my last post, I discussed the absurdity of the proposed Formula One 'budget cap' - a ridiculous idea, considering that a so-called low-budget team (Brawn GP, run by former Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn) is so effectively wiping the floor with the biggest names in the sport - namely Ferrari and McLaren.

Well, the stupendous Suki put it better than I could;

"The budget cap was being thought of at a point when Ferrari single-handedly decimated their competition thanks to their high budgets. But when competition has increased and the conditions that caused the rule are gone... what gives??"

That's exactly what I thought - it's rather amusing that the two teams leading the constructors' championship are both small and relatively low-budget; Brawn GP and Scuderia Toro Rosso (a shoestring operation formerly known as Minardi.) It proves that there's much more to winning at this complex sport than just who has the most money to spend.

Brit Gal USA had this to say:

"This season, the lesser teams have overtaken the stalwarts without any ridiculous budget cap; plus, if they had adopted Bernie Ecclestone's crazy plan of the winner being the man with the most wins, this season would already be settled!"

Her verdict? "They need to quit interfering with a winning formula."

Hopefully sanity will reign as Bernie Eccleston and Max Mosley, the head-honchos of F1, see that things are far from broken - Formula One is actually becoming more exciting than ever.

But if they do enforce this ridiculous budget cap? Well, Tom and I are already considering throwing our hats into the ring for a true budget motorsport - the infamous 24 Hours of LeMons (yes, LeMons, not to be confused with LeMans - as in 'lemons,' geddit?)

With a budget of $500 dollars, I think TomRo Racing could be seriously on the money...

The proposed TomRo Racer - I'd take it over a Brawn BGP 001 any day of the week!

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

It was a great race, especially the opening 20 laps with Vettel holding up the field! Loved Jenson jogging back to get the trophy, now that's a fit man!