Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quit flashing the 'racism' card at Prince Harry

Prince Harry has hit the headlines again, being accused of racism for a couple of remarks he made during a clandestinely-filmed video leaked by his 'friends' to the media. Full story HERE.

The accusations are centered around two terms he used: In one scene, he refers to an Asian solider as 'Paki' (in Britain, considered a very derogatory term for anybody of Pakistani or Indian descent.) In another scene, he comments that the headgear a (white) solider is wearing makes him look like a 'raghead.'

The BBC, amongst others, have wheeled out the usual crew to condemn Harry and demand an apology; which was duly given. After Harry uttered a sincere apology, the furor inevitably continued as more cheerily self-righteous 'journalists' lambasted the third in line to the throne.

Personally, I think it's a load of hot air.

Sure, Prince Harry seems to have adopted his grandfather's 'robust' sense of humor (Prince Phillip once warned a British diplomat that spending too much time in China would give him squinty eyes.)

However, this video is very different to Harry's previous fall from grace, in which he stupidly dressed as a Nazi officer to a fancy dress party (that made for some great tabloid front pages, I can tell you.)

This time? Yawn.

Out of the 'raghead' and 'Paki' comment, I would agree that 'Paki' is an offensive, derogatory term and out of context, I'd be the first to agree that it's use was shocking. However, it's been confirmed that the solider Harry was talking about was actually nick-named 'Paki' by his friends - in much the same way Harry is nick-named 'Ginge' (because, of course, it's entirely appropriate to make fun of redheads in England.)

So what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The 'Paki' comment was understandable, in the circumstances, and it's pretty pathetic that the media have grabbed it and tried to run with that at the center of their manufactured 'scandal.'

As for the 'raghead' comment?

Again: Yawn.

I own a racoon skin hat and when I wear it (it's about that time) I often get accused of looking like a 'canook' or some other slang term for a Canadian. My sister in law is Chilean - and to get her goat, family members sometimes joke about her being confused for a Mexican. Like it or not, cultural jokes are a pretty accepted part of culture in America and the UK (find an Englishman who doesn't refer to the French as 'frogs' - I dare you.)

The only scandal with the 'raghead' comment was that OH, GOSH, NO, it was referring to people of a particular sect of Islam who wear scarves on their heads. You know, the one the BBC and all media in general are willing to appease by aquisencing to pretty much any of their demands.

This particular sect, you will probably be aware, is the same sect that's protesting in the streets of London right now with signs reading 'Death to all Jews' (or, 'juice' in one instance.)

Personally, 'raghead' is an inocuous and inoffensive statement - especially compared to signs held aloft in London reading 'Behead those who insult Islam.'

Besides, I don't know that many military types, but those I do know frequently refer to Iraqis and Afghans as 'towelheads' or 'ragheads.' I'm not saying it's appropriate or acceptable, but I see no reason why Prince Harry should be held to a higher standard than every other member of the US and UK armed forces.

Currently, America and the UK are in the grip of a 'whining mentality,' that screams 'offensive' or 'racist' to pretty much anything. It's stupid - it's desensitizing all of us to when something happens that truly is offensive. When something truly despicable happens, I imagine most of Britain will view it the same way I look at the Prince Harry crisis: Yawn.

Besides - Prince Harry is a ginger, much like myself. Even as the third in line for the throne, I've witnessed him be the target of Britain's 'good natured' campaign against redheads. Find a single tabloid article about him that doesn't mention the word 'ginger' and I'll give you a quid.

Part of the reason my blog's called 'Militant Ginger' - and part of the reason I left the United Kingdom in the first place - was that the very same television networks and newspapers that lead the 'politically correct' crusade tended to fill their pages with 'amusing' jokes, insults and jibes aimed at gingers (who, along with fat people, are the only acceptable targets for discrimination these days.)

When the Sun and the Daily Mirror expect me to jump on the politically correct bandwagon, all I can think of saying is: "Bugger you, you bunch of hypocrits!"

Prince Harry, proving to everybody that he is a sober, responsible character.


Tom said...

Harry is awesome enough that I sure hope his brother decides to eventually settle down with a nice Catholic girl. :-)

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