Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bush and Class

CK left this comment the other day: "The lack of class from the left toward GWB makes me sick."

In his honor, I thought I'd post this. Forget the left or right wing - the Daily Show's comparison of Bush and Obama's 'press style' shows that Bush wasn't above a bit of rude and classless behavior himself!


Coffee Bean said...

I think that an honest look at what went wrong (and what didn't) during the Bush years is appropriate.

I think that the joyous celebration of those who voted for Obama as he was inaugurated was appropriate.

However... during such an important and momentous occasion as the Inauguration, you'd think that people wouldn't want to mar it with widespread school yard childishness.

I am sure there must be those on the left who were disturbed by the actions of others in regard to President Bush.

It would behoove our country if everyone would grow up and get serious. Barak Obama is the president of this country, and therefore, my president. We are free to disagree in this country.

Someone who has served this country... and who prevented any further attacks against our country, should be extended a certain level of respect.

Roland Hulme said...

Hey Coffee Bean!

Point noted (humbly) - although I do think it's fair to examine what will hopefully define an IMPROVEMENT in American politics by comparing to 'what went before.'

I supported Bush right up past 2004, but I'm left very disgruntled at his cavalier attitude, rudeness and cronyism. I'm not saying the all-powerful Obama-messiah will fix it all, but the purpose of posting that bit from the Daily Show is to illustrate: "Hey! Look at how a GROWN UP statesman/politician handles himself in the public forum."

You have to remember, I'm from Europe - so while America (by the grace of a being I supposedly don't believe in) hasn't been attacked, I was near London in 2005 when my country was attacked and from that point on, I've certainly stopped believing that the war in Iraq has made the world any safer.

Coffee Bean said...

I don't have a problem with people expressing their opinions... or even political satire (to a point). I just think that things like singing, "nah nah nah nah, goodbye" at such a ceremony was atrocious.

I did not have a problem with President Obama stating where he hopes to take this country under his administration. There were some statements that had a bit of a sting, but it was a far cry from booing and taunting.

The other thing I found offensive yesterday was the closing of the end prayer. The "white will do right" really got me. I understand that this is a very old man and that he was just trying to be funny. However, the fight for the rights of blacks has not been fought by blacks alone. Thousands upon thousands of whites gave their lives to end slavery in this country. The civil rights movement in the 60's was not fought just by blacks. I, myself, volunteered for five years in an innercity ministry in Jackson, MS. That is DEEP south.

I've heard so much over the last couple of weeks... Yes, America has elected our first black president. We've come a long way and it is a great thing that the color of Barak Obama's skin did not prevent him from being elected. That is something for all the celebrate. However... I am deeply disturbed by some things and am afraid racial tensions may actually increase.

One more thing... I am glad the Obama girls are so adorable. I still remember things that were said about Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter. I wish people would not make fun of the physical appearance of others.

Roland Hulme said...

Ah, you've shown me up completely, there! I only got to watch the inaugeration on's crappy feed, so I missed some of that. I did hear about the 'whites will do right' speech and I thought it was VERY out of place. We have a black president now. Political correctness in the name of race should be on it's way out (in theory.)

As for the 'na na na naaah' boos etc...? Well, I'll refer you a comment I made earlier: "I may hate conservatives, but I REALLY hate liberals."

The left wing can be every bit as disgusting (actually, worse) than what people like me accuse the right wing of.

ck said...

The difference between Barack and Bush is that Bush has the integrity to say what he believes in public, where as Obama said the same thing.... just with less class and in a closed door meeting.